Physical Health

Physical health is focused on the well being on the body as a whole. It concentrates on doing what is necessary to keep the body in balance - the devoid of disease. It requires lifestyle changes that include, but are not limited to, diet, exercise and behavioral activities (like drinking and smoking).

To acquire and maintain physical health you must possess the discipline and commitment to change. Using the fad diet of the season or the current exercise wave can allow you to lose some weight and feel better, but those things tend to not create sustainable results. As a result, your body tends to yo-yo up and down. What we aim to help you do is create sustainable wellness routines and habits to maintain a healthy weight and the body structure you desire.

It is easy to do but it does require breaking some bad habits and creating some new, more beneficial ones. JAHYA Cinq want to be a resource and a support system to help you achieve your goal. We are a safe haven where you can openly discuss health concerns, personal goals and aspirations.  Our services include customized health coaching based on your preference and/or sensitivities, nutritional needs, and activity level.


It is never to late. Start your healthy journey today!

Image by Ruyan Ayten


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