Mental Health & Wellness

In this world filled with uncertainty, we are all experiencing stress levels that are beyond the norm - but what is normal. Dealing with the “normal” everyday events in life has a profound effect on how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Mental health, therefore, includes the psychological (cognitive), social (behavioral), and emotional well-being of an individual. Now more than ever, people feel isolated and alone. JAHYA Cinq wants to be a “safe place” - where people can talk openly and honestly about the issues they are facing.

JAHYA Cinq is here to assist individuals realize their own potential and abilities, learn how to work more fruitfully and productively, and manage stress and anxiety levels. Our life coach services/tips and coping tools can help create a work/life balance so you can move past the speed bumps in life and transform into the best versions of yourself.

Our blog, JAHYA’s FML Forever (named after the phrase used in the popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why) is an open discussion platform. Topics like depression, addiction, racism, and the like are discussed so our community can share knowledge, experiences, or the latest news. Additional tips and resources will be provided to support the journey toward resolving or managing mental health concerns.

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Life Coach

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JAHYA's FML Forever