JAHYA Cares is our way to make a difference in the world beyond our business needs and wants. We are well aware that when people's basic needs are not met, it is impossible for them to think about their health and wellness. So,we created JAHYA Cares to do our part to help solve some of society's problems - homelessness, hunger, and mental health. We aim to partner with organizations that are committed to making a difference in these areas.

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The average age of a homeless person is 9 years old! Families are one of the most rapidly growing segments of the homeless population. Nicholas House’s mission is to help homeless families become self-sufficient by providing them with a temporary place to live while addressing the root causes of their homelessness so that they never become homeless again. Nicholas House has served almost 20,000 homeless family members since its founding in 1982. Donate and learn more about Nicholas House at nicholashouse.org

The JAHYA Cares Hospitality Program

We are partnered with several hotels in Metro Atlanta. Hotel guests are given the opportunity to forgo stayover services by simply hanging a door hanger on their room door. The door hanger says, “We Help A Family Sleep Well At Night,” and for every room that chooses to participate, the hotel makes a $2 donation on their behalf.

With each $2 donation, Nicholas House will be able to provide services for the families in the program.

The program will launch in July 2020.  Hotels will compete to win either the “Golden Pineapple Trophy” for most revenue raised for the year within their perspective categories.  This campaign will be offered to all hotels in Metro Atlanta. .